Fireplace Buyers Guide


Are you buying a hearth product (fireplace, insert or stove) for the first time?

Use the following guidelines and tips below to help you select the hearth product that is just right for your home!


  1. ● Are you interested in gas, wood or electric?
  2. ● If you have an existing fireplace then document the dimensions of the fireplace opening (Width x Height x Depth), along with a few photos if available.
  3. ● If you do not have an existing fireplace, take a photo of the wall where you intend to put your fireplace and another photo from the outside showing the location of the venting area.
  4. ● Would you prefer a traditional look or a more modern or contemporary look?
  5. ● Are you seeking heat, ambiance, or a combination of the two?
  6. ● How large is the room you want the unit in?
  7. ● Are you looking for a mantel? If so, would you prefer wood, marble or cast stone?
  8. ● If you have seen pictures of other products you are interested on the internet, then please print them and bring themn along with you.
  9. ● Will your fireplace be raised off of the ground, flat on the floor, cross-corner or flat on the wall?
  10. ● Are you planning on placing a flat screen television above your fireplace?


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